About Us

IO Practiceware ® is a complete solution for ophthalmology practices.

As an integrated application, it combines practice management software (PMS), electronic medical records (EMR) and communications software in a single, remotely-accessible database. IO Practiceware’s EMR software is currently in use by over 500 clinicians in over 250 ophthalmology offices nationally.

We have found 100% success with each implementation.

We believe that our exceptional record of success stems from the following principles:

An EMR system needs to be specialty specific.

As such, IO Practiceware® designed its system to accommodate the specific needs of ophthalmologists. Products that are generally EMRs adapted to ophthalmology by user-defined templates are not sufficiently comprehensive for ophthalmology practices and nearly always fall short. Conversely, IO Practiceware® worked with practicing ophthalmologists to develop a deep understanding of the information, documentation, and work flow in their practices and thereby developed its softwares concept and design. We based our EMR and PMS systems on the expertise and essential beliefs of real ophthalmologists.

An EMR system needs to be fast.

Every doctor’s primary fear is that EMR will slow them down in the exam room — so it was essential for us to invent an EMR software that was as fast, if not faster, than paper. IO Practiceware’s EMR is fast because it:

  • Was designed specifically — and exclusively — for ophthalmologists.
  • Employs a Touch Screen interface that uses big touch buttons. A Touch Screen is much faster than a mouse or keyboard, and our screen-to-screen, big button input method is significantly more efficient than dropdown menus.
  • Makes data input easy.
    • IOs draw feature allows you to enter data through the drawing – meaning the software interprets your observations and saves you from redundant data entry.
    • With our electronic Patient Questionnaire, patients input their own medical histories and current symptoms on touch screens in the waiting room.
    • Past clinical data can be brought forward selectively, minimizing the need for additional or redundant data input.
  • Our full image management allows you to view instantly OCTs, HRTs, fundus photos, fluorescein angiograms, anterior segment photos, visual fields and other images recorded in the current or prior visit

An EMR system must create real value.

Using our EMR creates value in saving you time and money. How?

  • Letter writing and delivery are automated from the patient’s chart, which eliminates the need for dictation and transcription.
  • Our software automatically codes insurance claims, recording tests, procedures, and office visits.
  • Our soon to be implemented e-prescribing program will report these codes automatically — and correctly.
  • We enable simpler financial follow-up by providing easy access to clinical data and other required information.
  • Facilities admission forms are automated.
  • Appointment scheduling is greatly simplified, as doctor instructions are automatically incorporated in patient scheduling.
  • Patient communications, such as recalls and appointment confirmations, are easily managed.

An EMR and PMS system must be well-integrated.

Many of the above-mentioned features that add value depend heavily on a tightly integrated electronic medical records system with accompanying practice management system and communication systems. The ability to transmit data (claims, letters, forms, etc.) automatically from inside the software saves significant clerical time.

A system provider must pledge to maintain its software and support its customers.

With 24/7 customer service, IO Practiceware® promises you software that will run well — and keep running well. Through our individualized support and customer service website, we do everything we can to maintain the success of your practice's hardware and network. If there are ever any glitches, we are only a phone call away.

We take time to get to know your practice.

EMR implementations are a big change. Practices must get used to a new way of recording and retrieving information. IO commits extensive resources to understanding customer needs and addressing customer specific issues. IO implementations begin with effective planning, intensive on-site training and on-site support. Whereas most companies give you only a few days to learn the software, our implementation lasts up to two weeks.