Electronic Medical Records: Speed

Our electronic records were designed for speed in the exam room

IO's big-button Touch Screen facilitates faster data input than a mouse or keyboard. What else makes IO Practiceware's EMR so fast?

  • Our clinical screen instantly and automatically summarizes the important aspects of each case - which means no more flipping through a patient's chart to find the most salient information.
  • Our "Highlights" screen gives you powerful access to the information you are looking for from the last visit, or across all visits; this is fully customizable.
  • When you record observations through our Draw Feature, your findings are stored internally (in the software), then translated across other clinical fields.
  • Because our clinical screens are customizable, you can determine your own set of "normals" - common diagnoses, treatment plans, etc., which can be accessed by a single click.
  • Our Patient Interface allows patients to record their own history and symptoms with our Patient Questionnaire.
  • Complete Integration with your practice's test equipment allows one-button recording of all test results.