Touch Screen

With IO Practiceware’s Touch Screen, everything is instantly at your fingertips

Our large data-entry buttons function very differently from a mouse pad, keyboard or stylus – and are significantly faster. Having to scroll through dropdown menus or type information is frequently what slows doctors down when using EMRs. Our system, however, doesn’t ask you to do this; it guides you screen to screen, with data entry a mere singly click away.

  • Save time looking for charts, lab results or any patient-related information.
  • Our 'Highlights' screen gives you instant access to the information you are looking for from the last visit, or across all visits; this is fully customizable.
  • Our clinical screens are customizable, so you can determine your own set of 'normals' – common diagnoses, treatment plans, etc., which are accessed by a single click on the Touch Screen.
  • Use your Touch Screen like a canvas, your finger like a pen or pencil, with our Draw Feature.