OCR Scanning

MedicScan Solutions for IO Practiceware® Users

IO Practiceware® version 8.0 can now be integrated with MedicScans Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. This OCR software streamlines the patient registration process by eliminating the need to manually enter the patient's demographic information, insurance information, and to take the patient's picture. You simply scan the patient’s drivers license and insurance cards, verify the information is correct, and import the information and photo directly into IO’s demographic and insurance screens. Your practice benefits from greater efficiency, lower costs, and eliminates transcription errors.

  • Eliminate the need to type in demographic and insurance information
  • Eliminate the taking of patient's photo. Instead, capture the photo on the drivers license
  • Eliminate transcription errors

What you need to use the MedicScan OCR software

  • IO Practiceware® version 8.0 or higher.
  • A license for the MedicScan OCR software from CSSN for each scanner.
  • A scanner that is compatible with the IO Practiceware® and MedicScan software.
  • Installation and support of the software and scanner.


You can use the CSSN SnapShell scanner, or your existing Fujitsu scanner with the OCR software. Most Twain supported scanners will also work. However, they may not work as well as the SnapShell or Fujitsu scanners. They will be slower and may not be as effective at reading the information on the cards as accurately. Please be aware that many other scanners are not supported. If you are buying a new scanner, buy a SnapShell. If you already own a scanner, and its Twain compatible, it will probably work, but may not be ideal for this setting.

CSSN and IO Practiceware® highly recommend the SnapShell R2 for OCR scanning because

  • The SnapShell R2 is much faster. The SnapShell instantly takes a snapshot of the card. All other scanners move the card past a scanner device.
  • There are no moving parts to break or jam.
  • Its small footprint saves valuable space at the front desk.
  • The cost is very reasonable when you consider the benefits you’ll realize every day from the much faster speed of this device.
  • The MedicScan software must be purchased from this page. You need to purchase one MedicScan OCR license for each scanner, you will be using.
  • You can buy SnapShell R2 scanners from this page.
  • Installation must be ordered through IO Practiceware's Customer Service department.