Effective training is essential to the successful implementation of IO’s software

We provide you with experienced trainers who guide you through on-site classes scheduled at your convenience (weekends and evening included, if desired). More importantly, we design our training to support and enhance your workflow patterns. We take the time to understand your practice’s strengths and weaknesses and offer extra support where it’s needed.

  • Front desk and billing staff members receive three four-hour classes.
  • Technicians receive two four-hour classes.
  • Scribes and physicians receive three four-hour classes.

IO trainers remain on site to provide support during the first week of administrative use. When your practice begins to use the clinical software, IO trainers return to spend another week with your clinical staff.

IO Practiceware commits to continued training and support.

IO trainers return frequently during your practice’s initial months of using IO Practiceware to make sure you are achieving your goals. What’s more: with 24/7 support, any glitch in your workflow can be solved by a single phone call.